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Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial Happening Now in San Diego

Flu season is just around the corner, and it is time to protect yourself now before it is too late. The CDC estimates that flu has resulted in 9 million – 41 million illnesses, 140,000 – 710,000 hospitalizations, and 12,000 – 52,000 deaths annually between 2010 and 2020. If you are interested in getting the flu vaccine, there is a way you can earn extra money by doing so, as well as advancing science for generations to come. Keep reading to learn more about the flu vaccines, clinical trials, and how to become a participant in the Flu Vaccine Clinical Trial in San Diego.

What is the Flu Vaccine?

According to the CDC, influenza (flu) vaccines (often called “flu shots”) are vaccines that protect against the four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common during the upcoming season. Most flu vaccines are “flu shots” given with a needle, usually in the arm, but there also is a nasal spray flu vaccine.

The CDC continues that flu vaccination prevents millions of illnesses and flu-related doctor’s visits each year. For example, during 2019-2020, flu vaccination prevented an estimated 7.5 million influenza illnesses, 3.7 million influenza-associated medical visits, 105,000 influenza-associated hospitalizations, and 6,300 influenza-associated deaths.

What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical study involves research using human volunteers (also called participants) that is intended to add to medical knowledge. There are two main types of clinical studies: clinical trials (also called interventional studies) and observational studies.

How Can I Sign Up?

Signing up to become a participant in the flu vaccine clinical trial in San Diego is easy! All you have to do is reach out to us. For your convenience, we offer two methods:

  1. Call us at (858)-901-6241
  2. Fill out our quick and easy form

Once we speak with you and have been deemed eligible, you will be asked to participate. It’s as simple as that! No proof of citizenship, a social security card, or insurance information is required from you. As a participant, you can earn up to $1,700 for your participation.

We are proud of our professional clinical team at San Diego Clinical Study. They bring years of proven experience to the job, as well as a genuine concern for patients, which shows in their diligence and care. No matter which of the Phase II through IV studies you join, you can be sure that our medical staff will explain the entire process clearly and thoroughly. And you can trust that you are in good hands at all times.

For more information or to see what other clinical studies might interest you, visit us at sandiegoclinicalstudy.com!

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