The next-gen COVID vaccine is exclusively for those who have received three or more doses of the COVID vaccine. With the virus continuing to evolve, this powerful booster may be your best defense against the new variant.

As the world continues to navigate the challenges of the COVID pandemic, staying protected has never been more important. By choosing to receive this exclusive booster, you can give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the best possible protection against this ever-changing virus.

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As a study participant, you play a valuable role in helping to get safe, effective drugs approved for public use.
Because you are such an important part of our studies, we have simplified the steps for participation.

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This is the first step. All volunteers will be able to review the Informed Consent Form, and the program will be carefully explained by our professional medical team.

Come in for a FREE Medical Exam

After evaluating your particular medical situation, we will invite you into our clinic for a comprehensive and complimentary physical exam.

No Special Requirements

If you meet the physical guidelines of the study, you will be asked to participate. No insurance, social security number or proof of citizenship is required.

Receive Up to $1,700

Participants will be assigned to different groups, where you will be carefully monitored for treatment and safety. As a volunteer, you will earn as much as $1,700 for completing the study.

Learn About Our Trusted Team

We are proud of our professional clinical team at San Diego Clinical Study. They bring years of proven experience to the job, as well as a real concern for patients, which shows in their diligence and care.

No matter which of the Phase II through IV studies you join, you can be sure that our medical staff will explain the entire process clearly and fully. And you can trust that you are in good hands at all times.

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