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Do you suffer from diabetes? Did you know that San Diego Clinical Study is offering three diabetes-related clinical studies to help treat your condition? If you want to get paid to start treating your diabetes-related conditions, you may qualify for a Diabetes Clinical Study. Keep reading to learn more about the Diabetes Clinical Study, the benefits of joining, and how to sign up today as a participant.

What is a Diabetes Clinical Study?

San Diego Clinical Study is currently conducting multiple clinical studies related to diabetes. They include:

  • Diabetes
  • Fatty Liver / NASH
  • Diabetic Gastroparesis

These study options are FDA-governed trials that meet all safety guidelines, are HIPAA-compliant, and offer all participants full confidentiality.

Clinical trials are a type of research that studies new tests and treatments and evaluates their effects on human health outcomes. People volunteer to take part in clinical trials to test medical interventions, including drugs, cells, and other biological products, surgical procedures, radiological procedures, devices, behavioral treatments, and preventive care. Clinical trials are carefully designed, reviewed, and completed and need to be approved before they can start. People of all ages can take part in clinical trials, including children.

There are 4 phases of biomedical clinical trials:

  • Phase I studies usually test new drugs for the first time in a small group of people to evaluate a safe dosage range and identify side effects.
  • Phase II studies test treatments that have been found to be safe in Phase I but now need a larger group of human subjects to monitor for any adverse effects.
  • Phase III studies are conducted on larger populations and in different regions and countries and are often the step right before a new treatment is approved.
  • Phase IV studies take place after country approval, and there is a need for further testing in a wide population over a longer timeframe.

Is It a Paid Study?

Yes! The Diabetes Clinical Study options offered through our clinic are paid, and participants can earn up to $6,895 depending on the study they decide to join. Other benefits of joining our clinical study include the following:

  • Complimentary physical health exam
  • Complimentary study-related medicines
  • Travel compensation or free transportation
  • Guaranteed payment for participation

Who is Conducting the Diabetes Clinical Study

The study is being conducted by San Diego Clinical Study. We bring years of proven experience to the job, as well as a real concern for patients, which shows in their diligence and care. No matter which Phase II through IV studies you join, you can be sure that our medical staff will explain the entire process clearly and fully. And you can trust that you are in good hands at all times.

For more information on our clinic or to see more clinical studies you can sign up for, visit us at SanDiegoClinicalStudy.com!

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