Skin Condition Clinical Research Study In San Diego

Clinical Study: Treat Your Skin Condition

Skin Condition Clinical Research Study In San Diego

Do you suffer from rash, eczema, or itchy skin? You may meet the guidelines to become a participant in the Skin Condition Clinical Research Study in San Diego! San Diego Clinical Study is currently seeking participants with this condition to try a new treatment and earn extra cash while doing it. Keep reading to learn more about the Skin Condition Clinical Research Study in San Diego, how to become a participant, and what it’s like to be in a clinical research study.

What Is The Skin Condition Clinical Research Study In San Diego?

Clinical trials are research studies that test a medical, surgical, or behavioral intervention in people. These trials are the primary way that researchers determine if a new form of treatment or prevention, such as a new drug, diet, or medical device, is safe and effective in people. Often, a clinical trial is designed to learn if a new treatment is more effective or has less harmful side effects than existing treatments.

This clinical research study is focused on skin conditions such as itchy skin, eczema, and rashes. If this sounds like you, and you are looking for a new way to treat your condition while also earning extra cash, we’re looking for you!

Is It Difficult to Become a Participant?

No! Becoming a participant in the Skin Condition Clinical Research Study in San Diego is easy. You can become part of the study and on your way to treatment, extra cash, and advancing medical science in just three easy steps:

  1. Tell us you’re interested! If you’re ready to join, we want to hear from you. Give us a call at 1-858-901-6436 or simply to fill out a short form with your contact information.
  2. Get screened! When our clinic staff is able to chat with you on the phone, they will conduct an initial screening as well as go over the informed consent form, explain the study in full, and answer any questions you may have. You might also be asked to join us at our clinic for a free medical exam to assess your condition and determine your eligibility.
  3. Say yes! If you meet all the guidelines of the study, you will be asked to join. No insurance, social security number, or proof of citizenship is required to get started.

What Is Required of Participants?

Once you accept our invitation to become a participant, you will be placed in a group. Every group is closely monitored for treatment and safety. No matter which of the Phase II through IV studies you join as part of our clinic, you can be sure that you are in good hands at all times.

You can also enjoy these benefits:

  • Complimentary Consultation And Health Exam
  • Complimentary EKG And Lab Reports
  • Complimentary Study-Related Medicines
  • Meets All Industry Safety Guidelines
  • Governed & Monitored By A Central Ethics Committee

Ready to get started? To sign up, visit us at SanDiegoClinicalStudy.com for a list of more clinical research studies that are currently seeking participants.

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